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7th July 2017 PR Social Media 0

How do I get the most out of my posts?

The first thing you need to do is, to create a content plan or a content calendar. Through organizing your social media activities you’ll find it much easier to post the right content at the right time. In this blog post I’m going to guide you through a few easy steps to improve your reach and sharing.

Which frequency is good for posting?

As you may have read in my Social Media Manager? WHO?! post, there are certain frequencies for posting on your social media channels as you don’t want to spam your followers. Not long ago, Socialbakers said that posting to Facebook once a day is a great idea since most of the top brands have an average post count of 1-2 per day. At the same time, most of the biggest media companies have an average post count of 7-8 per day.

This is barely a thing that you can apply to every company. You could better see it as a rough guideline to post between 5 – 10 times per week as a brand and about 4 – 10 times that much as a media company.

But why is it like that?
Well to be honest, no one really knows. Your audience is defining how much you can post as you’ll see their engagement going up or down if you change the frequency of your posts. I’d suggest you to keep an eye on the engagement and your audience and to examine it. I mean, think about yourself. Would you like to be spammed with 10 post per day by every company you’ve liked? I for sure, wouldn’t like that and I’d unfollow them. So keep it reasonable when you’re posting to Facebook and Twitter. Instagram however is another thing, you can safely post to Instagram up to 15 times per day as posting a lot on Instagram is absolutely normal for brands and normal customers.

You need to include your determined posting counts per day into your social media calendar. After implementing all that into it, you’ll have the oversight of all your social media activities what grant you the possibility of easily shifting around content to fill in gaps and remove posts from time frames that seem to be crowded “too” much.

When’s the right time for posting?

That’s an easy question! And the answer is, that it depends on your audience. Once you figured out what you’ll be posting where and how much, you’ll need to find out when to post it! You could of course always share it at anytime you want it to be shared but you could also watch out for the right times, when your audience is the most active and most likely to see your content.

And that’s – again – an easy thing! There are several tools out there like Hootsuite, Buffer, Klout and more, that’ll examine your social media profiles and display you the time where you’re most likely to get the highest rate of engagement for your content.

Sharing things twice?!

Yes! You should share your content more than once! Not only, because you invested quite some time to create it but also because you won’t be able to reach 100% of your audience with just one post. Sharing your content more than once can get you 3,150% more traffic as you make sure that most of your audience will be able to see it. You can basically share your published content weeks, months and even years after the original date it was published.

Don’t use the same message every time!

Every time you post something, change the message! The human brain filters information even if we don’t notice it. So it you post a few times without changing the message, the brain will possibly disregard it as “spam” and you won’t really be interested in reading it. So whenever you post something or schedule a post, change the message you’re posting it with. That nearly costs no time and will still generate engagement just through putting in a little bit of work there.

URL Tracking! Wait…WHAT?!

Yes, you hear right. I mean, knowing you have content out there and knowing that it generates traffic to your site is one thing, knowing exactly where those viewers and the traffic are from, is even better! And additionally the URL tracking gives you the possibility to find out when it’s time for your content to “retire”. To say it in League of Legends terms, to get a little bit nerdy here, Nasus would say “Everything has an expiration date!”. And that’s absolutely right! As great as your content might be, there will come the time when you just can’t post it anymore because the engagement is down to zero or everybody already saw it. That’s why you should review your metrics regularly to determine if your content is still performing well or if you can sort out a few things that don’t need to be reposted again so that you have space for new content in your social chain.

What do you think about this? What’s your approach with your content plan or social chain? Share it in the comments down below!



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