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Jonas V. Schürmann - Community Manager

I've already evaluated the usefulness of social media for banking businesses, start-ups and video game companies. Furthermore I'm familiar with modern monitoring tools for social media as well as different forum software.

Managing social media is my daily business, be it as a person with my personal brand or in my job as a Community Manager, I'm always out there to research new techniques, stay up-to-date and deliver high quality content.

As a Community Manager I'm specialized in video game communities and online gaming in general but also in the technological sector, having experience with major publishers like EA and Gameforge as well as freelancing for Independent Game Development Studios, politicians and tech companies.

A full overview of my skills and experience is available here: Resume / About

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Freelance Community & Social Media Management

My Team

Actually, it's just me.
But since we're talking online gaming / social media, we've all got several online personalities anyway, don't we?
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Jonas V. Schürmann

Community Manager
Jonas V. is the master mind behind the Community Management personality “Valgard”, trolling one online community at a time.
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Community Manager
Valgard is the sweet val(entine) to joke with, producing great content for great people and always on g(u)ard duty to watch out for his community.

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